Guestology Labs is a marketing company focused on bringing customized and innovative results to small businesses. We understand not every business has “big business” budgets and resources. And it is from this idea that Guestology Labs was born.

We come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. Big businesses with established brands. Startups trying to make a name for themselves. Educational institutions. We’ve worked in apparel, travel, scientific research, marketing, and design. Our education spans from psychology to economics to marketing to architecture to art history. To say we’re diverse is an understatement.

We take a unique approach to marketing and don’t believe in cookie cutter marketing solutions. Our philosophy revolves around your customer, or as we like to say, your guests. We research and study. And research some more. Then, once we get to know your guests and how your business works, we can get to work on your marketing plan. We like to call that marketing plan your Lab Manual. It’s our highly customized and detailed manual on how to reach your audience with the highest possible effectiveness.

As we take a scientific approach to marketing, we like to make sure we have chemistry with all of our clients. Get in touch so we can get to know about you, your company, and your goals. And in return, we’ll send you a free Lab Report of your current marketing.

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