Content is powerful. Customers are constantly learning how to sidestep traditional marketing. DVRs skip TV commercials. Radio stations are being switched at lightning speed. And consumers have become so adept at surfing the web that they hardly notice banner ads. That is why the smartest businesses have learned to adapt by offering up information in different forms. This is content marketing. And it is the present, and future, of marketing.

What is content marketing?

The goal of content marketing is to attract and retain customers through the creation of valuable content. This content must be seen as relevant to the customer. It must fit the brand voice. And it must be created regularly. Content marketing is an ongoing process, and when done correctly, it can influence consumer behavior.

Content Strategy

This is the first step in the process. Great content requires research. It should be consistent with the brand image. It should also be informative, but not overly sales focused. Customers don’t want to be interrupted. But they will take the time to read things of value to them. And in order to create customized content, it’s crucial to understand what’s meaningful to the customer.

Content Development

Here’s where we take your strategy and put it into words. It may sounds easy, but there are a lot of moving parts to content development. This is where you will decide what your messaging will be. It should represent your company values. It needs to be consistent, engaging, relevant, and informative. This is where your brand voice really shines through.

Content Distribution

Great content is effective, but it’s only useful if consumers read it. The idea here is that by delivering valuable and consistent content, consumers will reward the business with their loyalty. We specialize in using a variety of distribution channels personalized to your business. By placing content in the eyes of your target audience, we can position businesses for high growth potential.

Here are some of the ways we create great content:

• Website Content
• Blogs
• Social Media
• Infographics
• Email Marketing
• SEO Content

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