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We live in a world where word of mouth is everything. Your co-worker tells you about the latest and greatest technology they just purchased. Or your best friend tweets about the mind-blowing food from the restaurant down the street. Chances are, at some point, you’ve been persuaded to try a product or service based on the opinion of someone around you. Word of mouth is powerful. And it can be fostered through customer loyalty marketing.

We know that customer loyalty is cost effective. It can cost 5-10 times more to acquire new customers than retain existing ones. But that’s not the only benefit. Loyal customers are also more likely to spread the word. And when 92% of people trust recommendations from family and friends over traditional advertising, loyal customers can quickly become your best sales agents. Here are some tips to get you started.

Show Off Your Brand Personality

Your brand voice is everywhere. And every aspect of your content strategy is another chance to make your voice heard. Social media creates excellent opportunities to connect with your customers and humanize the brand. Whatever your brand personality, use it to engage and create personal relationships with customers. It will come across as authentic and translate to greater brand loyalty. The Alamo Drafthouse, based out of Texas, has arguably one of the best business voices. Their voice fits where they are from, which is Austin. And they are consistently hilarious in every piece of content they publish. This video pretty much sums up brand personality in one simple message. Fair warning: There is an awful lot of swearing. This video is definitely rated R. Check out the censored version here (don’t worry – it’s just as good).

Feed Customer Loyalty with Customer Feedback

Customers love to hear their opinions are valued. Use this as an opportunity to stay in touch and show you care about their experience. Ask whether their expectations were met and if they were satisfied with the customer service. If they have any concerns, show you are taking them seriously. Customer feedback is a great learning experience as well as an opportunity to strengthen your customer loyalty marketing strategy.

Stay Relevant

Regularly updating content and keeping up with trends has more than just SEO implications. The more your customer can relate to your message, the more they’ll keep coming back. And with the market constantly evolving, brands that show flexibility can better maintain customer relationships. So how do you stand out amongst all the noise? Innovation. Be different and unique while ensuring you stay true to your brand. Take Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream for example. They are always coming out with new, innovative flavors, like this one. But they always stay true to their unconventional ingredients and Ohio roots.

Give Them Reason to Come Back

You’ve acquired a new customer, but the work doesn’t stop there. Just like you maintain relationships with friends, encouraging customer loyalty requires constant care and attention. By providing incentives, you are giving customers a reason to stick with your company over the competition. Incentives can come in all shapes and sizes. Coupons and discounts are nice, but often costly. Simple acts like providing great service or delivering on promises will leave customers feeling satisfied.

Show Your Appreciation for Customer Loyalty

Be willing to go the extra mile. Customers love to feel like they are special to the business. Remember their name and interests. Thank them for their business. Show off your listening skills. And above all, give them a personalized experience. The more valued they feel, the more likely they will return. I’ll give you a good example of this. A few years ago, when planning a honeymoon, I stumbled on an all-inclusive brand, Secrets Resorts. Upon arriving we introduced ourselves and the very next day staff members had already remembered our names. Since then, we have returned to Secrets several times. This is a great example of going above and beyond by personalizing service.

It’s a misconception that customer loyalty marketing is expensive. It certainly doesn’t have to be. Sure everyone appreciates an occasional discount, but even more important is the experience. Things like exceptional service and personal relationships can’t be bought. Authenticity creates trust. And by building and maintaining a loyal customer base, smaller businesses now have a competitive advantage.

Use these five customer loyalty strategies to help dazzle your customers. And for more detailed tips, check out our free lab report. We’ll give you some additional ways to keep customers coming back.

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