According to a recent study conducted by Global WebIndex, 80% of internet users own a smart phone. And another 47% own a tablet. These staggering statistics show the importance of providing consistent experiences across multiple devices. And just when you thought you were nailing your desktop design, Google is changing the game again by announcing their plans to consider mobile friendly websites as a major ranking factor. With changes going into effect April 21st, it’s time to move. We found a few small businesses to serve as inspiration with their brilliant mobile web experiences.

1) Craft Pizza

Mobile Website: Craft Pizza Chicago

You know you’ve struck gold when you open a restaurant’s website and it instantly makes your stomach growl. And Craft Pizza does just that. Upon first landing on the mobile site, you are immediately shown a slideshow of large, appealing, and professional images. Users can learn a lot about a business from the images they are shown. High quality images will give off a more professional vibe.

Another important element of an effective mobile website is ease of finding information. In this case, most users come looking for a menu. And Craft Pizza has this covered twice: by scrolling down, as well as the navigation. Not only is it easy to find information, it’s also easy to navigate. From the mobile home page, you can scroll side to side, as well as down – a great way to promote interaction.

2) Green Parrot Bar

Mobile Website: The Green Parrot Key WestAn institution in Key West since 1890, Green Parrot has a laid-back, historic feel with a rockin’ live music scene. Trust us, we’ve been there more than a few times. This is exactly the experience you will get with their mobile website. On first glance, Green Parrot’s mobile website immediately gives you a taste for who they are. The design and witty copy are consistent with their brand image. They also list all relevant information, and make it easy to locate. Events are up to date, happy hour specials are posted, and you can even purchase your own “Parrot Phenelia”.

Another great aspect of Green Parrot’s mobile site is its functionality. You can watch a live web cam, shop, check out band profiles, and view what they call “shady pictures”. Probably the best thing about this site is that it has it all, but it’s still clean and concise. The mark of a great mobile website.

3) Dog-a-holics

Mobile Website: Dog-A-HolicsA local pet services business, Dog-a-holics not only offers an excellent service, but also an awesome mobile web experience. For this type of business, trust is important. Pet owners want to see professionalism and Dog-a-holics delivers. The main page of the mobile website is very clean and creative. The use of imagery, typeface, and color is appealing and consistent with the brand. The navigation is also simple and easy to navigate. While the design is certainly admirable, the charm doesn’t stop there.

Dog-a-holics also does a fantastic job at delivering information. Whether you are visiting the site to find pricing, learn more about the business, or schedule a service, you are sure to find it with very little effort. And all events, including training dates, are up-to-date. Staying current is an often-overlooked step in maintaining a successful mobile site. When creating a mobile website strategy, it’s important to ensure any and all information is readily available to users.

What can you take out of these examples for your mobile website?

These are all examples of small businesses with winning mobile marketing strategies. While every business is going to have their own formula for developing a successful mobile website, there are common elements to each:

1. Keep it clean, functional, and readable
2. Create simple navigation
3. Make information easily accessible
4. Keep the branding consistent with the experience on other devices
5. Deliver an appealing design with clear call to actions

If you’re wondering how your current mobile experience stacks up, let us send you a free lab report. We’ll check out your site and give you additional tips specific to your industry.

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