For small businesses, marketing is all about making an impression; grabbing attention and keeping it. This is accomplished by creating an effective marketing plan and focusing efforts on the guest experience.

Our philosophy for any company looking to excel at marketing is to learn from the customer. This is especially true for small businesses. Small businesses are often built around relationships and making the customer feel valued. For this reason, it’s crucial to study the personalities and behaviors of those you are trying to reach. This information can then be applied to create an effective marketing plan customized to the customer. Today’s consumers are harder than ever to convert. They want more than a simple sales pitch; they want an experience. Customizing a marketing strategy is efficient for several reasons.

Small businesses are said to be the backbone of America. While this may seem cliché, we founded Guestology Labs with small businesses in mind. We know being part of a small company can be a roller coaster ride. It can involve many hours, wearing many hats, risk, and a talent for budgeting. It’s hard to time for marketing, which is why it is often left off the radar. We understand what it takes to run a small business and that’s why we don’t offer cookie cutter marketing plans. With a customized strategy, you can be sure your marketing efforts are directed in the areas with the most impact.

But enough talk, how about we show you. Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll give you a free lab report of your company.

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